Working with PPS means you’ll be offered the best projects and roles in the telecommunications, IT, and Civil Engineering industries. We are connected with the best organisations and have access to the most sought after projects.

While finding the right role is important, we understand there’s more to your career than just a job. Like all industries, it’s often more a case of ‘who’ rather than ‘what’ you know. PPS has invested in ensuring that it has the best network of connections to the telecommunications sector, so being connected to our business provides more than just employment opportunities. We provide access to a community of Telco, IT, and Civil Engineering professionals that can open up a range of different opportunities.

Why PPS?


Our team has long-term Telecommunications, IT, and Civil Engineering industry experience and knowledge that gives us the edge in finding the right roles that will grow our consultants’ careers.


PPS has built employerand consultantnetworks that are second to none. We can connect you to the right businesses and industry players.


We pride ourselves on ensuring we respond quickly, keeping up-to-date on what’s happening throughout the entire interview process.


PPS is focused on ensuring that we keep our process and communication clear. You will always know where you stand and we pride ourselves on working in your best interests.