As the pandemic recedes, many organisations are returning to projects that were postponed due to COVID-19 and are needing new contractors and permanent hires to hit the ground running. Additionally, some organisations that were relying on offshore capability are finding that this is not currently viable with COVID-19 conditions and restrictions varying across the globe.  This is leading to recruitment difficulties for many in IT services, as the demand for qualified candidates outstrips supply across many key roles, including developers, engineers, business analysts and architects.

While a candidate shortage is not an easy challenge to address, there are some avenues you can consider if this is impacting your business.  Here are my tips for finding the right IT hires in a tough market.

#1 Speed up your hiring process

What we are seeing, particularly in larger businesses and the public sector, is that organisations are missing out on the right candidate due to delays in the hiring process. While it is, of course, critical to make sure you are bringing in the best candidate, in a tight market, it’s also critical to move quickly when you find the right person.  Otherwise,  with so many job vacancies, the candidate is likely to have accepted another position.

Staying in touch with the candidate and letting them know what is going on at each stage of the recruitment process is also key to keeping them engaged.

#2 Hire for cultural fit, train for skills

While you will need a mid-level or senior person for some roles, it’s worth considering whether you can consider an associate-level candidate for a specific position.  Of course, this takes a commitment to training and developing the person, but there are many benefits if you are prepared to do so.

We have some great associate-level candidates who are talented and eager to learn, and adding some fresh blood into your team can prove a competitive advantage. Firstly, it’s a cost-effective approach.  Not only is it cheaper to hire someone at a more junior career stage, but you can potentially offer your clients a more competitive pricing model because your staffing costs are lower.  Thinking long term, you can also develop the candidate’s career, leading to cost-effective internal promotion and potentially a great ongoing asset to your business.

Secondly, you may also benefit from hiring someone who doesn’t approach the role with a pre-conceived notion of how things should be done. You can really mould your new hire, ensuring they fit into your culture and develop an approach that truly works for your business.

One of the other side benefits we are seeing in this is that many senior people relish the opportunity to mentor a more junior team member, so it can be a great way to engage the entire team.

#3 Work with a reputable recruiter

In a candidate short market, it can be even harder to find the right applicants when you are going it alone.  One of the great benefits of working with a recruiter who has significant experience in the industry is that it can take a lot of the headache out of the process.

At PPS, we have extensive experience in the industry and a solid network of IT professionals who are ready to go.  We have an onshore and offshore resourcing capability, giving you the confidence that we can identify the right person for your role in a quick timeframe.

If you are looking at a contractor position, we can leverage our network to have the right person in as little as 48 hours.  For a permanent position, we can help you speed up your recruitment process, giving you a talented pool of candidates quickly.

If you are finding it difficult to hire the right people for your IT roles, drop us a line. We’d love to chat about your recruitment challenges and how PPS can help you grow your business in 2021 and beyond.